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Frequestly Asked Questions
How much does a comedian cost?
It depends. Just like cars and houses, comedians have different price points. The more experienced (and funny), well, expect to pay more. However, prices are greatly influenced by the date and location of your event. If your date is an off night (Monday through Thursday) expect to pay less. If it's busy weekend or season (think Christmas), expect to pay more. Similarly, if your event is local for the comedian, expect to pay less. If the comedian has to travel (and far), expect to pay more.
How long is a comedian's act?
Again, it depends. Comedians usually perform for 30 to 45 minutes. However, depending on your event, you may want more or less time. If your event is a comedy night or fundraiser, you probably want 45 to 60 minutes (and you'll need more than one comedian). But if your event is a private party, you'll probably want less, more like 20 to 30 minutes. After all, you're hosting a party, not a comedy show. Your guests will want to talk and mingle and that's incompatable with a successful performance.
Is it cheaper if the comedian performs for less time?
How far in advance should I hire a comedian?
Plan ahead. The further in advance, the more choices you will have to select from. Most comedians fill their calender weeks and, sometimes, months in advance, especially for weekend dates. That said, it's always possible a particular comedian will have an open date on short notice.
How do I select the "right" comedian?
Allow our experienced comedy consultants to assist you. Tell us everything about your event, your attendees, your budget. We'll make informed recommendations as to what comedians are the best fit.
Will I need to pay a deposit or sign a contract?
Yes and yes. A small deposit and a simple contract is required to reserve a comedian. You can download one of our contracts here.

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