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Comedian testimonials

"We absolutely loved him!  I have had so many compliments from the associates here.  We are definitely going to book Vinnie [Mark] for another event sometime in the future!  It was really great working with you and please tell Vinnie thanks again!"
Melanie Hudson
Amazon Books
Coffeyville, KA

"He was EXCELLENT.  Yesterday morning we didn't accomplish a thing at work as we were all reminiscing over the night before.  Spouses who found company parties to be boring were commenting how this was the best company party they ever attended, all due to Paul Venier."
JJ Egan
Integra Realty
Toms River, NJ

"Mike [Morse] did an awesome job!  All I heard was how funny he was....Thank you for your services."
Chris Storms
Bridgestone Tire
Owings Mills, MD

"Mike [Eagan] was great at our dinner.  He turned many heads and everyone was just busting up with laughter.  My boss and I just loved it.  He talked about all the right things.  It was just great!!  Thank you again.  And I look forward to working with you in the future."
Yesenia Diaz
Trimble Co.
Westminster, CO

"John Pizzi was excellent. His presentation was professional and not over the edge. I had nothing but great reviews from my staff these past three days. The walk around [magic] during the cocktail hour was a big hit with my guests as well as the main show. We were all hysterical....Keep 'em coming."
Paulette Geoffroy
Long Term Pharmacy Solutions
Chelmsford, MA

"She was great!  The entire room stayed right until the end--an unprecedented occurrence!  Nancy [Redman] was perfect in engaging just the right people, and touching on just the right topics....Following her performance, most of the audience came up to her after the show thanking, praising, chatting....She really is a lovely and sweet person, and it was our pleasure to have her..."
Ellen Munick
Temple Emanual
Andover, MA

"Thank you for picking Richie [Triolo] for our Holiday Party.  This was the first time I have ever rented entertainment so I didn't know what to expect.  I was very pleased, as were the other 140 people in attendance.  Richie is a wonderful, kind, and humorous person to deal with on both a professional level and personal level.  I would love to bring him back."
Carolyn Vasquez
Simon Contractors
Cheyenne, WY

"Bruce [Smirnoff] was a big hit and EVERYONE enjoyed his performance.  He did an absolutely wonderful job of feeling out the audience and tailoring the act to suit the crowd.  OUTSTANDING JOB!"
Kathryn Shelton
RD Systems Inc.
Tustin, CA

"Yes, the event was a great success and Tom [Whiteley] had a great deal to do with it.  His appearance at our retirement party was a surprise for our employees as well as the guest of honor and he had everyone in various states of tears or laughs his entire set.  And, he spent a good deal of time after the party chatting up the guys before leaving to head home, a nice touch."
Paul Fetch
Wargo Interiors
Telford, PA

"I did want to touch base with you and just say that Leighann [Lord] is a genuine person,...very classy and gracious offstage....The audience really responded to her....I thought she was great and as I talk with people who call in at work, they are giving me great feedback, too.  It was great to see the people, upon leaving with smiles on their face--you could tell they had a good time!  Thanks."
Eileen Nahabedian
United Nurses & Allied Professionals
Providence, RI

"Thanks for your recommendation of Vinnie Mark for our annual customer appreciation dinner.  He proved to be a very professional comedian by the way he tested the audience and reacted to the responses.  His routine with the magical hammer was a great success with our customers.  I feel Vinnie could perform for any crowd with great results.  Thanks again for the successful entertainment."
Jim King
Harvard Implements
Harvard, Il

"John [Pizzi] was indeed a total hit....The show was a great addition to an already amazing annual event....What a great service you offer.  We will definitely be calling on you again!"
Kathy D'Agostino
MRC Contracting
Staten Island, NY

"Paul [Venier]'s show was AWESOME!  Our employees said we are going to have a hard time next year coming up with something that much fun.  We all had a great time."
Sue Burritt
Burritt Motors
Oswego, NY

"While he [Vic DiBitetto] was performing I looked around the room and everyone was laughing.  After his performance some tables told me they were crying and their sides hurt.  Everyone told me he was great and he was.  He arrived early, performed for quite a bit of time and was conscious of children in the room.  He really did a wonderful job."
Peggi Liguori
Maywood, NJ

"All went extremely well.  Mike [Eagan] was professional and very funny--there was no lull in the laughter.  You did well--thank you.  Please feel free to use me as a reference."
Debbie Torbati
Rancho Santa Fe, CA

"Richie [Triolo] was great!  His performance made the party a hit & my wife was extremely happy.  I'm glad you recommended Richie, he was a perfect fit for our crowd, he blended in like part of the family.  I also want to thank you for all your help & look forward to doing business with you in the future."
Steve Gabelman
Staten Island, NY

"Bruce [Smirnoff] was excellent--very professional.  He handled...the diverse group of people in the room.  He worked the group well, and was very prepared for the show....He is an excellent entertainer, and I would easily hire him again.....I will certainly consider your company when I participate in planning our next corporate event..."
Gary Miklos
Orlando, FL

"Our event went well last night and Tom [Whiteley] was wonderful.  Thanks again for working with us.  We look forward to next year's event and hopefully working with you again."
Shawn Warnock
Bartow, FL

"Vinnie [Mark] was great--I think everyone had a good time at the event as he helped to get things started.  Vinnie was fun and included audience participation so it was what we were looking for."
Jeff Markel
CFG Trading
Richmond, VA

"Paul [Venier] was really funny last Friday night!...Even my mother who is 80 years old, laughed all night!  My girlfriend who had never heard of Paul, absolutely loved him.  She couldn't get over how he remembered everyone's name all night and how quick he is with his humor....Thanks for everything and let Paul know he was a big hit in Manahawkin!!!"
Donna Mano
Manahawkin, NJ

"Thank you very much for the high recommendation of John Pizzi, he was awesome!!! He was excellent with his [close] magic and...then hit the stage and was hilarious. We appreciate what you did for us and feel free to call us next year!!"
Steve Kotzer
Litchfield Building Center
Litchfield, MN

"She [Nancy Redman] WOWed our group with her humor as well as her warm demeanor following her performance. I saw many in the audience laugh until they cried. One of our ladies told me later that it takes real talent to make an old lady laugh and she had seen many of our older members laughing heartily during the show."
Debra Pazos
Congregation B'nai Zion Sisterhood
El Paso, TX

"Not only did I think Richie [Triolo] was great but everyone at the party, including the sensitive groom and older relatives, could not believe how good he was.  Richie was great both on and off the stage, not only funny in a real world way but personable....I would not hesitate to have Richie at another event, nor would a 1/2 dozen other people who came up and asked me where I got him (I...provided them with your card)."
Al Palumbo
Shelton, CT

"I have heard nothing but positive remarks about the comedian [Paul Bond]....The employees said his singing and guitar playing were awesome. They really liked that he hung around after he was done and danced and had a good time with them. Would we have him back? Judging from the comments I have heard--absolutely!"
Kerri Fahey
Graphic Packaging
Mitchell, SD

"Guests at our event have been raving about Bruce [Smirnoff]....I was able to share information about our agency history, mission and attendees and Bruce was able to incorporate this information into his act....Bruce was a true professional....He made himself available after the show to speak to guests....I would be pleased to recommend Bruce to any group considering hiring him."
Laurie Person
Council for Jews With Special Needs
Scottsdale, AZ

"We had a great time.  Everyone enjoyed Tom [Whiteley] very much. He is a great guy and we look forward to using another comedian in the future."
Sue Burritt
Burritt Motors
Oswego, NY

"Paul Venier was fantastic....My guests were hysterical all night, into the next day at work....I would definitely recommend him. His improv and his name recall was astonishing and impressive. Nobody could get over it."
Paulette Geoffroy
Long Term Pharmacy Solutions
Chelmsford, MA


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